FHMT is the safest, economical and easiest-to-install way to warm floors and provide years of lasting comfort. The FHMT floor heating system includes a green heating cable attached to an adhesive-backed white fiberglass mesh that allows for simple roll-out installation without worrying about heating cable spacing.


  • Single point connection, easy to install
  • Twin conductor cable with screen, no measurable electromagnetic fields
  • Various sizes of floor heating cables are designed to fit the heated area of any floor
  • Compatibility with all standard subflooring materials
  • Safety approved for outdoor and wet locations
  • Durable construction, long life
  • 25-year limited warranty against manufacturing defects for floor warming, 2-year limited warranty against manufacturing defects for other usage

Mat specifications

Cable Construction Twin conductor
Operating voltage 230V
Power output 150W/m2, 200W/m2
Cable spacing 80mm
Min. diameter 3.6mm
Min. bending radius 25mm
Conductor insulation Fluoropolymer
Outer insulation PVC
Max. ambient temperature
Min. installation temperature 5℃
Cold lead 2.5m length

Thermostat specifications

Functions On/Off control, digital display, 7-day programmable
Supply Voltage 230V, 50/60 Hz
Max. switching current 16 Amp
Temperature control range 5 to 40°C
Ambient range 0 to 40°C
Floor temperature sensor 2-wire, 3.0m lead wire