Buildings and infrastructure

Heating systems for buildings and infrastructure

We offer reliable and cost-effective solutions to protect the infrastructure from damage due to freezing, including:

  • frost protection for drinking, domestic and rainwater pipelines outside hazardous areas
  • flexible pipes for drinking water supply with internal heating
  • heating of roofs and gutters
  • heating of outdoor areas and external stairs
  • rail and switch heaters
  • heating antennas and parabolic mirrors

In addition, we also offer, specifically for your application, suitable tape heaters for frost protection, ready for connection and easily mounted even by non-specialists. Industrialtherm GmbH is an expert in this field. For more than 25 years, we have been dealing with frost protection in a wide variety of areas and have developed effective and practical systems that protect against frost damage. Many specialized electrical installation companies have relevant experience and assist consumers in the acquisition and installation of our systems.

In addition, we have developed the Water Comfort system - an innovative technical solution for protection against legionella in drinking water.